Just a Few Factors why You’ll need a Flu Shot

If you’ve never ever had the flu or taken good treatment of somebody who’s got, you might be asking, Exactly why is it that important that I have my flu chance? When you lived here in the island last year and don’t forget how it’s one of this worst flu months that many folks had seen in their life time, you may realize essential flu avoidance is. In fact, the SI division of Health reported that 3.4% of outpatient appointments were due to flu-like symptoms.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should get a flu shot at our San Diego urgent care, though we could think of plenty more!:

  1. Since You Can! Almost anyone older than half a year could possibly get the flu shot. This consists of pregnant people and women with chronic health conditions. There is even a special flu shot for the people over the age of 65. When you don’t have any health-related reasons not to get a flu shot, you need to get one as soon as possible, as they take about 2 weeks to be effective and flu season has recently begun.
  2. You can’t Get the Flu through the Vaccine, but you can Avoid It. You may have heard the myth which you could possibly get the flu through the flu shot. Because the vaccine contains a deadened form regarding the virus, it is impossible to help you contract the flu from the shot. However, it is possible to contract the flu during the first couple weeks of getting the flu shot because the shot takes a few weeks to completely take effect. This is the reason why it’s essential to get the flu chance as quickly as it gets available before flu period is in full move.
  3. You Won’t Miss Work. Based on the CDC, the flu costs 111 million missed days of work, causing $7 billion a year in lost productivity. Not only does it place a burden on your own employer, however, if you’re out of sick days for the year, you’ll lose out on pay while you are ill.
  4. You’ll Be Able To Protect Every Person Around You. Not just do you find yourself protecting yourself through the virus, however you also are protecting people close to you. For all those rare people who can’t obtain the flu shot, your immunity towards the flu is their immunity to the flu. Be mindful regarding the people in your lifetime who can be at great risk but cannot get the shot by themselves.
  5. It May Save Your Lifetime. Most importantly, it can save your lifetime. Just because the flu is common, does not mean that it cannot be severe enough for hospitalization or even death in some cases. Based on the CDC, an approximated 200,000 people are hospitalized on a yearly basis aided by the flu and deaths can range from 3,000 a year to 49,000 a year. Getting the flu is not just an inconvenience; it can lead to very severe problems.