Preserving your wood floors from Water Damage

Hardwood floors and water dont truly get along with. There are most likely sealants in place, additionally the materials used for hardwood floors are quite durable, but they’re still definitely vulnerable to water damage. With spring additionally the associated rainy season rapidly nearing (please!), there is going to be a great amount of water outside, and a number of it is liable to find its way in. Here are some tips to protect hardwood floors from water damage.

Wood Floors vs Water

A battle for the ages. Water can perform staining, warping, and softening wood floors to the point of permanent damage or even expensive fixes. Any of these problems can be an enormous inconvenience. Eliminate them entirely with a few of the easy ideas to protect hardwood floors.

  • The first one is simple. When there’s something wet on your hardwood floors, take it out! Whether it’s a leak, or damp rugs, rags, shoes, or perhaps appliances, act quickly in drying it up. The longer water sits on the floor, the more probably it is to cause damage.
  • When spring comes, it’ll bring rainfall, and it rainwater will inevitably find its means inside. Protect hardwood floors first by placing a mat or rug by your front entrance for people to wipe their legs before stepping onto the hardwood. Also be aware of umbrellas or raincoats that might drip and cause puddles.
  • Watch out for leaks. Hardwood floors in your kitchen are most vulnerable to pipe leaks and plumbing problems. The kitchen can be a sneaky problem, with appliances like the fridge and dishwasher that might be dripping water under the floor without you even noticing.
  • It’s been cold for a while, but do you remember moisture? You reside in Maryland, of course you are doing. Warmer months will bring back that stifling humidity that united states Marylanders love. Control the humidity in your home with a humidifier.
  • Keep up with proper maintenance. The sealants that protect hardwoods floors need strengthening from time to time. In addition, while cleaning, make sure you’re using approved substances and don’t leave any puddles or even use excessively wet mops.

Watch out for water damage using your hardwood floors, simply because can be quite a heck of a time- and money-eater when that they need replacing, although filing a water damage insurance claim might help. If we are too late in our advice and you’re in need of water damage restoration, do not hesitate to contact us.