Why Your Check Engine Light is on

Most drivers have had this experience at least one time in their time as car owner: They’re driving along, and without caution or explanation the Check Engine Light, also called Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL), comes on. Usually there’s no outward change in the car’s performance or function, and it is not yet determined just what exactly the light is showing is wrong with the car.

Even with no outward performance malfunction or adverse symptom, we suggest having the vehicle examined by a expert when possible when the check engine light happens. In an article published in May 2017, Consumer Reports quotes Dave Cappert of the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) as saying; a check that is illuminated light “does mean you should have the vehicle tested as soon as possible.” Contact a mechanic in Santee if your check engine light has come one.

The Check Engine Light signals a number of different issues that are potential your vehicle, plus it’s important to understand the ins and outs of what it means whenever this light comes on. It covers a number of feasible issues or reasons, some exceptionally small although some tend to be more serious. Understanding the possible selection of reasons behind the light coming on and exactly how to handle it, will allow you to an improved and more car owner that is informed.

Most Common Reasons and Causes We See for a Check Engine Light

A check motor light (Malfunction Indicator Lamp or MIL) may mean any of a variety of difficulties with your vehicle, from the trivial towards the more significant. One regarding the worst areas of the MIL coming on are it means, and it’s natural to fear the worst that you don’t immediately know what. The great news is, most of the time, the check engine light coming on doesn’t mean a repair that is dramatically costly.

Being conscious of the reasons that are possible Malfunction Indicator Lamp MIL is lit up will help you to better cope with and understand what might be going on with your car.

Gas Cap is Free, Missing, or Damaged

One associated with the simplest reasons that the MIL lights up is that the car’s gas cap is free, missing, or damaged in some way. If this takes place, the gas cap is pressure that is not maintaining the car’s fuel tank, and gas vapors (gas fumes) are hitting theaters to the atmosphere.

This is among the easiest issues to solve. You may just need certainly to tighten up the gas cap, wait a bit, and then determine if the light is still on. Alternately, you can buy gas that is new for just a few dollars and replace it yourself.

Checking to see if the gas cap is loose is the first line of defense whenever checks motor light comes on, and ideally the issue is solved immediately. Many times, though, the pressing issue is really a little more difficult than that.