Kat’s Voice speaks for SaVoa, Inc on Voices.com VoxTalk

As one of the Directors of SaVoa, occasionally I get the opportunity to speak on their behalf. Last week I was given the honor by Stephanie Ciccarelli of Voices.com to speak about Guilds, and the benefits of belonging to a Guild in the voice over business.

SaVoa was featured on Voices.com VoxTalk #49 along with: British Animation Awards Announcement of New Voice Performance Categories, Update on Writers Guild of America Strike, Feature Interview with David Cook, and Adam Fox teaching listeners how to clean your computer in Tech Talk.

SaVoa Incorporated is a not-for-profit corporation based in North Carolina. Its purpose is to establish and maintain an accreditation program for voice over artists, and support continuing education for the advancement of the voice over industry. Membership in SaVoa depends on successful completion of the peer review process. It tells clients that members met or exceeded established standards for vocal delivery (performance and technique) and technical delivery (audio quality and technique), and that members conduct business in a manner that enhances the voice over community as a whole.

I hope that anyone who has any questions about this organization’s standards and goals will contact me with any questions. Or, feel free and contact any of our Directors on this page.

In the meantime, I want to thank Stephanie Ciccarelli and the Staff and Members of Voices.com for the honor of speaking on their site and I want to thank the members of SaVoa, Inc for having the trust and confidence in my ability to speak on their behalf.

Kat’s Voice…The Voice of Kat Keesling

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